— Networking is the more intelligent planning strategy. —

Urban Catalyst studio does not plan with a top down approach but works to enable and moderate development processes. The key to our success is communication. Intelligent communication and forging alliances between stakeholders lead to more viable concepts and solutions. Local actors seldomly talk with developers, owners, public administrators, or municipalities who, again rarely engage with academic research. Because they think and speak differently, inhabit different milieus and live in different worlds. Through idea tables, dinner conferences, workshop discussions, urban safaris, or cooking events we bring together those who otherwise never meet. Through trespassing social, cultural and political boundaries we provide settings for new dialogues and mutual learning processes. In this way, creative and unusual solutions become conceivable.


— Making the invisible visible, making complex circumstances transparent

Images are more comprehensible than words. In order to make complex circumstances understandable, we have developed means of creative forms of visualization and mapping. We have tested and perfected visualization techniques, which can be applied to diverse contexts and settings. Tools include UC Weather Map, UC Matrix, UC Atlas, and UC Transformation Barometer. We frequently use our pool of professional communication specialists and graphic designers to challenge and improve whatever has been tested before.