Trend: agricultural and energy landscape
Lobby landscape
Scenario "polarized land"
Scenario "hybride Land"
Collage of the scenario Trend: "Turbo agriculture"
Collage of the alternative scenario: "Urbansim light"

What's going to happen to our countryside?

Structural spatial change in public space in Saxony-Anhalt has led to extreme polarisation. Contrary development trends increasingly occur side by side: new construction alongside demolition and dereliction, migration alongside residential influx, parks alongside wilderness, density alongside voids, high speeds alongside stagnation, cultural landscapes alongside natural landscapes. The study investigates factors that decisively influence how landscape is configured, for example, the divergence of the agricultural economy and rural settlement, EU agricultural subsidies, the emergence of new wilderness areas, or the role of space pioneers in deserted landscapes. It presents two contrasting scenarios for landscape development in the period up to 2050, based on its test case, the region around Bitterfeld-Wolfen.