Plan to cluster cultural institutions in a former power station
East Harbour development
"under-the-table" discussion
Catalysing objects
Catalysing objects
Catalysing objects

Catalysing port development

The city of Aalborg is changing rapidly. In the wake of progressive de-industrialisation, the city is peppered with abandoned industrial sites, so-called “urban voids”, whose total area exceeds that of the city centre. In the context of an international student workshop organised by Aalborg University, Markus Bader and Klaus Overmeyer developed strategies for a step-by-step revitalisation of the East Harbour. The result is a manifesto advocating the spontaneous activation of abandoned areas, a master plan for temporary uses and three catalysing objects: a chicken shed, a changing room with a diving platform and a small cabin were designed to encourage locals to start making immediate use of the area again.