Beginning of the process "REGIONALE 2013"
Parcours zur Regionale
Existing buildings, building land, architecture
experimental urban development on the parade ground
Perspective neighbourhood square to parade ground
Perspective landscape band/ribbon
Perspective archive
Sheet 1: Overall concept and process design
Sheet 2: Detailed urban planning
Sheet 3: Detailed landscape planning

Organic urbanism

Finding an alternative use for former military installations is a challenge facing many cities. For a long time such areas were cut off from their urban context and lack appropriate access. Many cities are left to deal with contaminated structures and grounds. Considering these challenges, the Adam-Kaserne barracks in Soest is in a fortunate position. Some of the buildings are still in good condition and are already being used by cultural pioneers. The extensive open areas with beautiful mature trees can be used for outside performances without undergoing any modification. Urban Catalyststudio  proposes considering this as an asset. Why not link revitalisation of the property more closely to existing local needs and demands, to people and companies who already have their own visions for using the property themselves? The competition submission proposes organic development of the property within a defined spatial framework – an experiment in co-production between cultural pioneers, planners and the city. The concept proposes to prioritize local-based projects and initiatives for all intact and easy-to-use spaces such as the warehouse, workshop building, festival square and open areas for experimentation or housing. Thus stable and locally anchored use clusters will be created and successively advanced by new buildings with mixed uses.