design of the market square
elevation of the square
activity space
new paving
current building site Bramfelder Marktplatz
bramfeld 07
bramfeld 08

Over the past 50 years, Bramfeld town centre has changed almost beyond recognition. Since the 60s, a seemingly random succession of shopping centres, DIY stores, car parks, office facilities and public buildings have agglomerated in and congested the centre.
Our design strategy for Bramfeld town centre is tied to a step-by-step implementation concept. The key element of the design is an open, tree-lined square in the town centre, creating space for the weekly market, local festivals and a wide variety of everyday activities. The edges of the square are redefined by a new building and the so-called “Bramfelder Regal”. This three-tier “shelf structure” is available for a wide variety of uses, and can be used in conjunction with the market place as well as by the adjoining youth centre. A concept for the use and operation of the “shelf” will be developed in cooperation with local associations and initiatives.