Campus distribution, connections and public spaces
Leisure opportunities interface
Knowledge interface

„Wissen-schafft-Stadt Gießen“

The various buildings and facilities of Giessen University are scattered all over town in isolated enclaves. However, the spatial distribution of the university buildings, which at first glance seems so unfortunate, also harbours one of the city’s most promising opportunities for development. On the basis of the shared vision of “Wissen-schafft-Stadt” Gießen (“Science-makes-City of Giessen ), the development of the university campus and the city as a whole will be closely intertwined in future, both in terms of space and content. In a dynamic web of teaching, research, science, business, living and leisure time, the design concept focuses particularly on the points where these different activities intersect, redefining them as innovation centres of the new knowledge society. Examples include new public spaces in university clusters, park-and-bike interfaces, buildings designed for hybrid schemes combining university courses with service offers and public use.