Mapping creative milieus and locations
Case study Bernstorffstraße
Matrix: space, use, stakeholders & interaction
potential of urban space
fields of operation and tools for supporting creative milieus
Scenario of ´creative profiling Oberhafen"
´Weather map´ creative milieus

Creative milieus and urban development

For several years, the city of Hamburg has offered targeted support to culture and the creative industries. This approach, however, mainly motivated by economic interests, has so far lacked a social and urban space dimension. This aspect opens up a range of new and complex challenges for urban development, in which the effects of urban transformation on spaces traditionally occupied by creative individuals must be considered. In detailed case studies, Urban Catalyst studio examined a variety of creative milieus and locations in Hamburg. The study proclaims Hamburg an “open city”, interlinking openness with room for creative activity and using the potential presented by the creative milieus as fertile soil for actor-based urban development. Six action plans at selected locations in Hamburg show how urban development and the creative industries can successfully grow together.