Multi-pillar development concept
Project plan
Participation and communication
IDEENTISCH: Creative Mannheim, results of the analyses
IDEENTISCH: Creative Mannheim, findings
Guiding visions for conflicting-use zones
Integration of conflicting-use zones, sketch of the space
Conflicting-use zone boulevard, plan
Action space
Evaluation of the spaces

Future of the city centre

This inner-city development concept was a multi-stage process in which projects were developed, evaluated and implemented in cooperation with interested citizens, initiatives and associations in Mannheim. Six round tables collected ideas on current issues like neighbourhoods, shopping, going out, culture and the creative industry, public spaces and traffic, and developed detailed strategies to sharpen the profile of Mannheim’s city centre. Over 100 project proposals were then put forward to the city administration for evaluation, and potential spaces and pioneer projects were selected in cooperation with the participating locals, which will now be implemented in a further participatory process.