International exchange of experience
Safari in the creative lab / meeting the guest
public discussion
Learning from: Linz, Rotterdam, Hamburg und Basel
Thematic workshops: Organisation und Management, Economics and Value Creation, Development of Uses and Participation, Spatial Strategies
Organisation structure of the Schieblock BV.
Analysis matrix
Evaluation of the thematic workshop

Comparison of International Locations

As part of the exchange of experiences, actors from the municipalities as well as project representatives from five international cities were brought together to discuss innovative approaches and tools for restructuring existing spaces.

The development site “Oberhafenquartier” in Hamburg’s HafenCity, “Klybeckquai” in the harbour development area of Basel, “Schieblock” in Rotterdam’s station district and the “Tabakfabrik” in Linz provided the ‘experience workshop’ with a basis for comparing and reflecting upon strategies for restructuring and reusing existing buildings, the analysis of alternative financing and organisational models, as well as the orientation toward process-oriented approaches. As a result, specific recommendations were drawn up, important cooperations between the city and the actors were established and the participating cities intend to continue to exchange.

The event was held as part of the pilot project of the German National Urban Development Policy for Citizen Participation. Urban Catalyst studio was responsible for the idea, conception and implementation.