Hamburg Großgartenstadt 2025
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Lost Highway
Hortus Maximus
Silver City

Productive park landscape

At first, relocating 250 allotments onto the superstructure of a motorway tunnel – commonly known as "the lid" - looks like an intelligent way to swap land use. Less noise, new building land and replacement plots for local gardeners on top of the superstructure. But will “the lid” become an allotment-fortress -  a not-in-my-backyard universe consisting of garden sheds, flower beds, vegetable plots and flagpoles, accessible only to the insiders?

So, just supposing ...

  • we build a town on “the lid” – a big garden town
  • we think of this big garden town as a platform for new forms of urban gardening
  • the big garden town is designed to become a place to experiment in different gardening methods, social entrepreneurship, local value added cycles, nutrition, hands-on learning or hybrid leisure use?!

The big garden town has four districts, each with their own programme: Lost Highway, Silver City, the Common and Hortus Maximus. The big garden citizens will be "creative space entrepreneurs": people seeking to shape the new garden city with their own ideas, be this as restaurant owner, bee-keepers, lecturer at the horticultural college, youth club, taichi school or simply as an allotment gardener.