Decommissioned winding tower
The winding tower – a new icon for Hamm?
Dynamic development concept
Activation concept
Organic growth scenario
Process design

Freeplay in the West of Hamm

Closed down pits and collieries are nothing new to the Ruhr region. In Hamm there is no further need for commercial clusters, science quarters or theme parks on the site of former pits and collieries. The available space is simply too big for the void to be filled by large (and mostly already existing) use concepts. The dynamic development plan divides the colliery site into three zones and, instead of waiting for the one perfect solution, anticipates a series of plans of action starting with an immediate action plan to ensure visitor safety, partial demolitions, new access, interim use and light landscaping. The development of the zones remains sufficiently flexible and open to the possibility of different development speeds and use scenarios. The aim of this dynamic plan is to introduce specific activities which will become attractors for a broad range of uses ranging from energy, culture and leisure to knowledge and commerce.