Development plan
open space structure
Focus on Nordpark
Concept: first activation steps
Detailed master plan
city harbour
Art campus

Centrally located, just north of Berlin’s new main station, Heide Strasse is the German capital’s top development area for the next few years at least. The area has an ambivalent position in the urban fabric of Berlin: although it is characterised by huge areas of wasteland, leftovers of the former freight station, it also accommodates the Hamburger Bahnhof museum, a very successful and increasingly high-profile fixture on the map of contemporary art locations.
Our urban development concept presents a fine web of public spaces and connections introducing the public to the delights of the waterside location. A new riverside promenade with a city harbour, public squares, the art campus and the Nordpark form the framework around which six independent city districts with new urban milieus will be structured.