Overview pilot schemes
Opening event of the research project (Photo: Hans Friedrich)
Host city project "Vor Ort" [on site] in the centre of Dessau (Photo: Hans Friedrich)
JSL-address book (Photo: Hans Friedrich)
DNA-workshop: The pilot schemes develop their visions and work up impulse projects (Photo: Hans Friedrich)
DNA-Workshop (Photo: Hans Friedrich)
Jugend.Stadt.Labor: three levels of impact
JSL 08
JSL 09
JSL 10
JSL 11
JSL 12
JSL 13
JSL 14

Young Urban Developers

How do we want to live in our cities in the future? How do we move, where does our energy come from and which spaces do we need? Which new models of community and participation do we want to have in place? And how can we contribute our ideas to urban development processes?
These are the questions the research project “Jugend.Stadt.Labor” [Youth.City.Lab] is asking young people everywhere in Germany. In eight pilot schemes, self-organised spaces of opportunity are established and project groups wanting to discuss their cities and actively shape them with their own projects are being formed. At the centre of each scheme is a core group, which sparks a discussion process about pressing future issues and subsequently develops specific courses of action for young people. In this process, the core group gathers partners and networks with other youth scenes in order to distribute, discuss and implement its ideas about cities and neighbourhoods.

As research assistance commissioned by the BBSR, Urban Catalyst provides the pilot schemes with advice and support during their project development from 2014 to 2016.