The three action levels of accompanying research
Young people’s wishes
Informal activation
Network of the Mellowpark on the old site
Potential future network – more independent facilities brought together through a Mellowpark Cooperative
Translation difficulties between youth culture and administration Mellowpark-09.png = With the right translation young people can develop a lot of potential for urban development
Visiting the ExWoSt and Skatebowl projects in the inner courtyard

From youth club to urban developer

Mellowpark is the biggest skate park in Europe and has developed into a respected international centre of youth culture, trend sports and business start ups. Starting out with a simple skate ramp, this trailblazing project steadily expanded and now includes dirt jumps, a hostel, a screen printing room, two print magazines, an indoor skate park, a café, a streetball court and a family park. Youth projects are cross-subsidised with economically viable usage concepts. Strong input from the young people who work there enables Mellowpark to re-invent itself on a daily basis, successfully blurring the lines between leisure pursuits, voluntary work, internships, professional training and entrepreneurship. In autumn 2009, Mellowpark will move to new and bigger premises of approx. 7 ha on the banks of the River Spree. The new premises will give the project an urban development dimension: Far from being a simple entertainment facility, Mellowpark is about urban development done by and in cooperation with young people. Urban Catalyst studio will advise Mellowpark on matters of urban development. The future of Mellowpark was also the subject of a design seminar given by Klaus Overmeyer at the University of Wuppertal.