Sub-spatial profile analysis
Sub-spatial profile strategy
Qualification – periphery, transit landscape and town centre Metrobild_Zurich_04.jpg = Metropolitan image
Metrobild Zurich 04
Reading and interpretation help
Sub-spatial profile
Weather chart of the metropolitan spatial development dynamic
Metropolitan image process design

An image for the metropolitan space

Commissioned by the Metropolitan Conference Zurich, Urban Catalyst studio, berchtoldkrass and integral ruedi baur developed a cooperative test-planning process for the future development of the metropolitan region of Zurich. Through a discursive process, the task was to sharpen the profile of the urban region conceptually and spatially, and, on a regional level, beyond the limits of the canton and the city, to reflect on the future of the metropolitan space. As a result, specific sub-spatial profiles were produced that are brought together in “Metrobild Zurich” as an overall strategy. Here, the management of balances between dynamic economic areas, housing areas and rural areas is of special significance.