Conflicting-use quandary
Strategic levels
Process based development strategy for the whole area and for specific regions
The transformation barometer identifies the transformability of individual areas by way of nine overlapping indicators
Case Study / Possible development scenarios of an existing industrial building as a special purpose property
Concept perspective “Creative City”
Urban design test planning

Conflicting-use zones as an urban laboratory

While Munich faces already a sustained pressure in the housing sector, shortages are likely to increase with the arrival of an expected number of 150,000 new inhabitants by 2030. Through the continued transformation of industrial estates and the simultaneous tendency towards more diverse living and work models, mixed-use and hybrid areas are becoming a more significant focus of city planning. As part of the Long-term Settlement Development Project (LaSie), the strategy review restructuring uses the example of the “Gewerbebandes Obersendling” to examine the potentials of residential development areas in mixed-use zones. Urban Catalyst studio is in favour of a new, local practice of “conflict-living” and has developed a process-oriented strategy with transferable action models and tools that could be used in other mixed-use areas.