Polycentric municipality structure with regional networking
Workshop: cooperative development of different future scenarios in the action model
Result of the citizen survey regarding central empty lots
Citizen meeting: discussions on subjects related to future living
Different lifestyles, different spatial and accommodation needs
Development plan with 6 key areas
Consolidation of local development: connecting local historical stepahnskirchen_08.jpg = Action plan for the town centre
stepahnskirchen 08
Collage for the development aim "individual living"
Collage for the development aim "networked cultural landscape"

Signposts for the east

Stephanskirchens’ starting point is privileged. Located in a picturesque landscape in the foothills of the Alps, the municipality profits from a booming economy and from one of the highest per capita income in Germany. So why worry about the future when the ideal situation has almost been achieved?

The first impression is misleading when one considers that the significant ageing of the population, high growth pressure, monotonous expanses of partly vacant single-family homes from the post-war era, or the changing living expectations of the younger and older generations will put the rural community under considerable pressure in the coming years.

Through interviews, citizen forums and scenario building on a walk-in model, Urban Catalyst studio and local citizens developed a new vision for the future. The vision was then translated into concrete projects: a new fast bicycle path from Simssee lake across the Inn to Rosenheim, promoting direct marketing and a new development area with a broad spectrum of different types of accommodation.