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Individual projects as drivers yielding neighbourhood returns
Developing a new value system
Catalogue of local resources
The fund’s exchangeable values
The fund’s levels of impact
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The fund’s “culture of construction” / Barter trade at No. 9 Arcostraße
Recognition, integration and development of existing resources generate added value for the neighbourhood
Densification of space and use contributes towards neighbourhood returns

Affordable neighbourhoods through barter

We all need a place to stay but how do we want to live? The project “Fonds Arcostraße” aspires to combine the construction of living, working and community spaces with the development of a liveable neighbourhood. The values of the “good” city life – short distances, mixed uses, social diversity, local economic cycles and increased communication and multifunctionality – are redefined and brought into balance with the monetary values of real estate marketing.

To achieve this, we propose the creation of a fund at neighbourhood level, which consists of spatial, financial, legal and human resources and acts as a trigger, encouraging local property owners, shop keepers, public institutions, recently arrived students or on-site activists to start bartering.

The proposed project uses barter and secures the income of the fund: An extension of the publicly used sport areas at the ground floor of a building can be exchanged for the option to add additional height at the top, community work can be traded for low commercial rents. On the upper floors, a broad mix of uses caters for a more internal form of bartering and property ownership likewise subsidising affordable rents. Via a “city tax”, a monthly contribution paid by tenants and owners linked to the area they use, money flows back into the fund.