Integration into the urban context
Spatial type: Block in Transformation
Spatial type: "Icons Undercover"
Spatial type: "Phoenix from the Ashes"
Spatial type: Niche Users
Connection to public transport
Structure of green and public spaces
Weather chart of the potential and creative economy in the “Golden Triangle” Berlin-Kreuzberg

Strategies for the Golden Triangle

Where are the creative milieus in northwest Kreuzberg? Can development trends be deciphered? What is the relationship between the spatial patterns of creative uses and the socio-economic characteristics of the area? These questions formed the basis of an investigation by Urban Catalyst studio in cooperation with Bastian Lange: What are the potentials of the creative industry in the “Golden Triangle” between Friedrichstraße und Görlitzer Bahnhof? In the project, a UC Weather Chart was prepared, which illustrates current spatial dynamics, conflicts and potentials and forms the foundation for a discussion of future action plans. An important finding of the study is that the focus of the strategies is very different depending on the location. The suggested measures range from urban planning interventions in residential areas and public spaces to strengthening the networks of users and owners.