How will we deal with the legacy of fossil fuels in the future?
Overarching strategy at micro and macro level
Communal commodities at regional level
Cells as spatial units aiming to activate local resources
Based on dynamics: the general weather situation
Activating local resources for a post-fossil society
The dynamic vision as part of a new governance structure

Ideas competition: afresh new vision for the future

The concept “WiR-Metropole Ruhr” [We Metropolis Ruhr] outlines an integrative planning and communication process aimed at transforming an expansive industrial region into a “post-fossil metropolis” with a high quality of life.  

Specific solutions for the upcoming challenges can only be found, however, if all parties concerned agree on primary tasks and objectives (“WIR”). At the same time, local actors, initiatives and projects (“wir”) must be permanently involved in the process. (“WiR”-agents)

The “vision” consists of three levels and forms a key instrument for the future regional discourse accompanying the long-term development of a metropolis. It defines qualitative and structural goals at regional level (“Structural concept”) and is closely linked to local talents (“Ruhr-cells”) and dynamics (“Weather chart”).