Prof. Klaus Overmeyer

is an international pioneer in the field of user-led spatial and urban development. Trained as a gardener and a landscape architect, he founded Urban Catalyststudio  in 2004. Since 2010 he has been Professor of Landscape Architecture at the Bergische University in Wuppertal.

B.Sc. Arch Philip Schläger

studied architecture and is responsible for strategic spatial development, coordination of action formats and visual communication.

Project management for (et al.)
MetrobildYoung energies
Living in Hybrid zones
Hamm East Colliery
Mellowpark Campus

Prof. Melanie Humann 

is an architect and holds the chair for sustainable urbanism at the university of applied sciences Dresden (HTW).


Prof. Dr. Philipp Misselwitz

is an architect and urban planner, developing planning approaches for informal urban districts in the Global South, with a focus on participation formats and governance models. In 2013 he was appointed Chair of  Habitat Unit – the Department of International Urbanism and Design at Technical University Berlin.

Dipl.-Ing. MAS Siri Frech

is a landscape architect and graduate of the ETH Zurich. She manages urban research projects and dynamic planning processes.

Project management for  (et al.)
Former post office Neukölln
EKI Mannheim
Young people reactivate empty property

B.Sc. Arch. Jörn Gertenbach

is a specialist for architecture, urban analysis and design.

Project management for (et al.)
Wir Metropolis RUHR


Dr. Cordelia Polinna

is a specialist for strategic urban planning and has gained broad experience in academia and as a consultant. She is a member of the German Academy for Urban and Regional Spatial Planning DASL and an advisor to housing society Degewo.

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Cand. M.Sc. Lukas Pappert

studies Urban Design at TU Berlin. He writes, visualises and creates formats of thought and action for future rooms of transformation.

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Dipl.-Ing. Anna Bernegg

studied landscape architecture and urban design. She manages complex urban development processes and ensures feasible solutions.

Project Management for (et al.)
cREATIVE MILIEUS and Open spaces
STEP Ingolstadt - Housing 2025
cultural industries Kassel

Dipl.-Ing. MA Janin Walter // Space Strategist, Architect

Specialist for urban design and transformation strategies.

Project management for (et al.)
Kanalzone Brüssel
Hoensbroek 2025
Scharnhorst- Kaserne

Dipl.-Ing. Lukas Halemba

is an urban planner and magazine maker from hamburg. He writes, visualizes and designs development procedures for future transformation areas.

Project management for (u.a.)
Parkstadt Köln Süd

PROJEct participation in (U.A.)

M.Sc. Christine Bock

studied Spatial Strategies and Urban Design. She designs and visualises strategic processes for urban areas.


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